A quarter life crisis?

Well it seems sometimes I can dream a lot easier than I can write because this blog post has taken me all of two months to muster the courage to sit down, take some time and just write. There’s something so daunting about a first post, or a first anything. There’s almost too much stigma around it that you get overwhelmed and decide it seems impossible? Maybe that’s just me but hey, i’m finally doing it—this blog post, and my dream of moving to the UK.

There’s that saying that goes something like ‘your 20’s are your selfish years’. So with risk of sounding like a complete cliché, I honestly believe they are. Before our 20’s, our lives don’t leave for much freedom. In fact, our younger years are basically laid out on a plate for us—the unknown isn’t really a thing. We go to primary school, then high school, then we’re encouraged to go to university or get a full time job and that’s that. So for me it wasn’t until I got my degree and graduated uni that I finally started asking myself—what now? You find yourself at this really awkward time of your life where for the first time, you can do whatever the f*** you want. And trust me, just about every option under the sun crossed my mind. Go chill in Bali for 6 months? Work on super yachts and travel the world? Work with the elephants in Thailand? Work in fashion in Melbourne or Sydney? And then finally the one that felt right—move to London. 

For those going through a similar transition period and are wondering where or what their next step is, all I can say is to trust your gut. The decision that feels the best for you, is the best for you. Everyone around you will give you well intentioned advice on what they think is best, but it will always have a little bias. This is why it’s a decision you have to make solo—and that’s why I believe your 20’s are your selfish years. I went in a complete 360 with my decision. I settled on London and then the nerves kicked in and I started thinking maybe Sydney could be a stepping stone. I even made a London vs Sydney pro’s & con’s list! Sydney is closer to home, still has a great magazine and fashion industry and the one that almost sold me, has more sunshine. But at the end of the day I didn’t want to settle. Sydney had potential to be epic but I would always feel that it wasn’t London and that’s how I knew I had made my decision. I am easily the most indecisive human to exist—I blame it on being a Libra—but to stop myself going in circles yet again I had to do something. So I booked my one way ticket, giving myself 3 months from the date I booked to sort my life out. It’s been overwhelming, but it’s been the best decision I ever made.

Two of my best friends (Brooke & Mic) and I joke *kinda not joking* that we’re going through ‘a quarter life crisis’. One minute I can see myself settling down in a great job and the next I want to sell everything I own and take 5kg of carry on luggage to the other side of the world to live—life is weird. For them, they both booked one-way tickets to Bali and are going off the grid for awhile. There’s no right or wrong answer to life, I think we all just have one promise to make and that’s to live our best life. No settling. No average jobs, average cities or average relationships. Remember that life is meant to be enjoyed, you can wake up each day and love your life. Make some changes, take a leap.

Bella. x






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