Ciao, bella!

AKA- Hello, beautiful! (Which is exactly what is going through my mind as this blog finally makes its debut). This has been a long time coming for me – so let’s celebrate with a bomb image of my favourite, Edie Sedgwick. *Sorry MR Warhol I stole your muse.*

For the past nine-months or so creating a website has been on my mind. Somehow I managed to keep quietening down the idea with excuses of limited time and / or limited computing skills. But we’re here now, and I couldn’t be more excited for what is to come.

For those who don’t know me, I am in my final year of my university studies majoring in journalism. So fingers crossed i’ve learnt a little something about conveying messages through the written word – because to be honest, I can’t say those hours spent essay writing has done too much else. Degree aside, I am an avid foodie, which is where much of this blog fits in. I’ll be sharing health tips, workouts, recipes and ideology based upon my interest in living a holistic lifestyle. However, we’re not going to be limited to health, as I am one of those people with an interest in just about everything current – dabbling in this and that constantly. I think that’s my indecisive libra traits shining on through. The posts you’ll find on here will incorporate travel, as you’ll soon find I can’t sit still for too long and jet-setting abroad tends to help with my Auckland City cabin fever. I’ll also share my love for fashion and style, as the online shopping addiction is somewhat my procrastination method from just about anything and everything I am mildly avoiding getting done.

So with that said, here we are. Just a 20-year-old writer sharing her views on how to get the most out of your life. Incorporating health, travel and style – arguably the three most important elements of any good life.

I hope you enjoy.

Snap of me from my trip to New Zealand’s beautiful South Island.

Bella. X

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